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The world calls. It pulls me this way & that. I find myself stressed. I can feel the tightening in my chest. Then, I tell myself: I’m HUMAN.
I stopped wanting to be Superwoman a while ago. Yes, Alicia made it into an anthem that so many of us sung along to. For those who are old enough to remember, Karyn White also made the concept of being (or not being) Superwoman something to talk about. I honestly think those songs were just calling out the truth about the weight & distress that we plow through in life (and relationships). Nevertheless, I think that we made them into too much of an anthem & thought process that we can take on the world. I am a very strong woman. I will almost kill myself trying to live up to my word. I like to be seen as someone who is on top of her game. I genuinely like to help & take care of others. However, sometimes, these traits can be a cocktail for disaster. Did I mention that I am a recovering people pleaser? Oh, and that I can be really p…

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